Statement of Faith

We believe that God has acted purely out of grace to rescue sinful mankind by taking upon himself our humanity in the person of Jesus Christ. We confess that Jesus lived a perfect life, died an innocent death, and bodily rose to life again in order to atone for our sin and redeem us to again live with him in heaven fully restored as God originally intended at the time of creation. We believe in the triune God: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit being one holy, eternal, and indivisible Divinity yet consisting of three distinct persons in this one Godhead. We believe that God has revealed himself to us through his Word, the Holy Bible, and that the Bible is divinely inspired and without error. We believe that all human beings are terminally sinful and that only through the perfect life and innocent death of Jesus Christ can anyone be saved. We believe we are here on this earth to spread the good news of Jesus Christ to as many people as possible.

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